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Sylvia's Story

Sylvia is a 20-year-old young woman who has been part of the MCCH family since she was a young girl. Sylvia is compassionate, intelligent, hard-working, and has always been considered a leader among her peers. She originally came to live at MCCH when her mother, sick with a chronic illness, and her elderly grandmother could no longer care for Sylvia in their home.

Before the pandemic began, Sylvia was attending university classes, pursuing a degree in Social Work. When talking about her plans for the future, Sylvia recently shared: "I am praying that God will lead me through all this, and show me that right way to follow as I serve His people as a social worker." Recently, we caught up with Sylvia at MCCH and asked her how she is doing since the COVID-19 crisis began. Listen as Sylvia shares how she's been seeking to care for those around her during this time of uncertainty.

"My name is Syliva Atieno, I’m twenty-years-old, I’m in college studying social work. Due to the corona pandemic, we, the older ones, were released to go home because the institution could not contain us as expected by the government. At home, I’m always helpful to my mother who is sickly, my grandma, and also my siblings. I always help them to maintain the good health and maintain hygiene, too. I appreciate my sponsor for taking good care of me, for providing my education, the basic necessities, and everything. I thank the Mescal’s family for being there for me; Grandma Ruth, Uncle Steve, Mama Cha Cha, and everyone!"

For more information on how to donate to MCCH or sponsor other young people like Sylvia, please visit or contact Emily Griffin at

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