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1,000 Families Served Through the Feeding Program!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Pictured: Images from a food distribution conducted June 14, 2023, on the MCCH compound

Because of the Lord’s provision through faithful MCCH partners and the incredible effort of the MCCH staff in Kenya, over 1,000 families in the community have received food through MCCH’s feeding program since last fall. Since August 2022, we’ve offered this program to help address severe and widespread food insecurity in the community surrounding MCCH. High inflation, political unrest, drought, and other factors have left many families in the community unable to afford food on any sort of regular basis. MCCH Executive Director, Ruth Owuor, shared that she has never seen hunger in Kenya to the degree they are currently experiencing. While the children who live in the children's home, including the older kids who attend Christian boarding school, are being well provided for through the generosity of their sponsors, Ruth and the staff have felt a deep burden to assist families in the community surrounding Mescal's who are struggling to provide for their families. All glory to God for being the only One able to meet both physical and spiritual needs! We praise Him for how He is providing and making His name known in the Luanda community!

Click here to donate to the community feeding program and help us continue this vitally important ministry! Select "community feeding program" as the purpose for your gift!

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