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Children's Home

Ruth Owuor came to America in 1996 from Kenya, East Africa, with $20 in her pocket. She left behind a patriarchal culture in which women were often abused. Her country of Kenya was also being ravaged by AIDS, leaving thousands of children orphaned and homeless.


In order to support herself, Ruth started a small business selling items at flea markets and later at a local shopping mall. As her business grew, God continued to burden her heart for orphans and abused women in Kenya. As she was able, she would send money to family members in Kenya who eventually bought a piece of land, built a very simple shelter, and began feeding and housing abused women and orphans. 

Ruth returned to Kenya in May 2012 to personally direct the ministry. In 2013, the Lord provided the ministry with a piece of property on which to build a new building; one that would allow MCCH to care for more children and employ more staff. In 2015, the new building was completed and remains a place of comfort and safety that Mescal's Kids call home. Ruth's vision is for Mescal's Kids to grow up to be strong Christian leaders who greatly impact Kenya and the world for the kingdom of God. 

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