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Guardianship Program


One of the many strengths that Ruth possesses is having an intimate knowledge of the community in which she lives and serves. Recognizing that there were many families in the community who were capable of caring for their children, yet at-risk of not being able to send children to school or provide for their daily needs due to finances, Ruth felt led to create a Guardianship program. This program provides emotional, spiritual, academic, and financial support to families in order to empower them to raise their children well.   

The Guardianship program provides families with the resources they need to send their children to school, as well as providing for a basic amount of daily necessities in the home. The program also supports several college students, who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of attending a university. Ruth's goal is to see these families and students empowered to live for Christ, and, as the Lord leads, use their skills and education to pour resources back into the local community.  

For more information on the Guardianship Program, including how  you can sponsor a child, please contact Emily Griffin at or (334) 595-8047.  

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