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Better Together: Needs Met in the Name of Jesus

MCCH founder and Executive Director Ruth Owuor, recently shared with our USA team that she has never seen such high levels of hunger in the community surrounding MCCH. Hunger is being felt severely by many families due to drastic inflation in the price of food and a poor harvest for several key crops in the area. Combined with the lingering effects of Covid on Kenya's economy and civil unrest in the country surrounding presidential elections, Ruth shared that she has been receiving many people at her home each day who are hungry and unable to provide food for their families. Many elderly people in the community are eating one meager meal a day and have resorted to making very strong tea in the morning to try and hold them over until the noon or evening meal. With such overwhelming need existing in the community, we asked the question "what can MCCH do to help?"

After much prayer and conversation with USA and Kenyan leadership, we felt the Lord leading MCCH to resume the community feeding program it conducted in Luanda during the hardest parts of Covid when food was scarce. During parts of 2020 and 2021, because of the generosity of our partners in the states, MCCH was able to feed over 80 families in the community on a bi-weekly basis. Best of all, these families were able to be prayed for and hear the gospel from MCCH staff!

As we considered whether or not to restart the feeding program, the question of how we would pay the extra cost weighed on our minds. Praise the Lord, He gave clear direction that He would be faithful to provide for the needs of His people in the Luanda community. After making the initial commitment to restart the program, within 72 hours MCCH had been given not only the amount needed to fund the program through the end of the year, but the funds to continue the program into 2023 should the need remain. We are so grateful for our partners who give generously and gladly to the kingdom work taking place in Kenya through MCCH! All glory to God for His provision and faithfulness towards His children all around the world.

**Pictures from 2020-2021 feeding program

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