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Ruth met Mescal Kelley Griffin of Lineville, Alabama shortly before her death and felt an immediate and special connection to Mescal. Mescal, like Ruth, had a compassionate heart for children whose parents did not take them to church. 

In 1948, Mescal and her husband were among the first in their community to own a car. She felt God blessed them in order to bless others, so she began transporting children to Sunday school and adults to doctor visits, etc. Mescal continuously poured into the lives of others and was known as a faithful servant in her church and community. 

When Ruth attended Mescal's funeral and heard many personal testimonies from some of these children (now adults) who were profoundly impacted by Mescal, Ruth was inspired. As a memorial, Ruth renamed the orphanage from The Kima Center to Mescal's Children's Center of Hope.​


Mescal Kelley Griffin

1921 - 2011

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