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Why We Go

Our trips are built on a foundation of mutual encouragement and gospel-centered partnership with our Kenyan brothers and sisters at Mescal's Children's Center of Hope. Our Kenyan partners are doing the daily work of making disciples in their community, and as guests and learners from the United States, we have the opportunity to join them in their ongoing work and encourage them along the way! A typical trip involves a heavy emphasis on relationships rather than accomplishing tasks, so be ready to sit on the porch and spend time with Mescal's Kids, take part in morning and evening devotions with the staff and children, and visit community families who are being served by MCCH.


While proclaiming the gospel and mutual encouragement are pillars of every trip, the agenda of each trip is unique and is built around the needs and desires of our Kenya team. A partner team may find themselves leading small group discipleship with the kids at the children's home, leading a community VBS or outreach program, worshiping in a local church, or a variety of other things. One thing is certain - partner team members are blessed, challenged, and encouraged by their time at MCCH, and they are used by the Lord to bless, challenge, and encourage those they encounter, as well! 

Interested in learning more or applying for a future partner trip? Fill out the contact form below for more information, or download and submit a completed application to the mailing address or email address listed below. Someone from MCCH will be in touch with you shortly!

Take the Next Step!

Upcoming Trips:

November 2024

Availability for 9 team members

Cost: $2500


P.O. Box 242385

Montgomery, AL 36124

Tel: 334-595-8047

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