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Congratulations, Graduates and Eighth Graders!

2022 has held many milestones for our MCCH family in Kenya! We're so proud of MCCH's recent graduates, Dr. Steven Owuor and Noreen Kuya, as well as MCCH's current eighth graders (left to right) Nebat, Margaret, Lucy, Dolphine, and Linet!

Dr. Owuor, Assistant Director of MCCH, received a Doctor of Philosophy in Communication and Media Studies. Dr. Owuor worked diligently for many years to receive his degree, working as a professor at Maseno University while also serving and leading at MCCH. We are so grateful for his sacrificial leadership and know he will continue to do great things for Christ.

Ms. Kuya received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Maseno University. She was the first child supported by MCCH over 10 years ago, and she has grown into a faith-filled, servant-hearted, hard-working young woman who is ready to make a difference for Christ in the world around her. See more of her story here!

Finally, we are so proud of the hard work our eighth graders have put into preparing for their strenuous eighth-grade exams! The public school system in Kenya places a huge emphasis on eighth-grade testing. These exams determine the quality of the high school students are able to attend. Students work for months to prepare for the exams which last for 6-8 hours a day for over a week. Regardless of the outcome, these students have already succeeded in honoring the Lord and their Mescal's family by the amazing effort they put into preparing for and doing their best on these exams!

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