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Richard's Story

Meet Richard, a young man who is intelligent, hard-working, and loving. At the age of 14, both of Richard's parents passed away, leaving him to care for his 5 younger siblings. Richard was forced to stop going to school in order to work and provide for his brothers and sisters. Life was difficult at best, and, most days, seemingly impossible.

Praise the Lord, the story of Richard and his family reached the staff at MCCH. Two of Richard's younger siblings came to live at MCCH, while the other siblings entered the care of relatives. MCCH began to pay for Richard's school fees, allowing him to complete Form 4 (grade 12), preparing him to meet his next goal: attending a university to further his education. Richard entered MCCH's Guardianship Program, where he now receives additional resources as he continues to live in his family's home.

Stories like Richard's point to the heart of MCCH, which is really the heart of The Father: to care for the orphaned and vulnerable (Psalm 82:3-4). Listen to Richard share his story, and thank the Lord with us for providing for this young man and his family!

"My name is Richard; I am seventeen years-old. My parents died in the year 2017, that is, September. We were left orphans. I was left in charge of five siblings. We wondered how we could do without parents, but Mescal’s, as a family, came in and rescued us. They took care of my younger siblings; that is, Rosebellah, who was eight years-old, and Eric who was five years-old. They paid the rest of my school fees. I did my Form 4, that is 12th grade, which I passed very well. I’m waiting for the college, and I’m sure, with the great support of God that will give to my sponsors and other people they will provide the remaining college fees. I thank God for the great support this family [MCCH] is giving us, and I hope for more and more to be done to our family. I thank God for all this family has brought us. Thank you.”

For more information on how to donate to MCCH or sponsor other young people like Richard, please visit or contact Emily Griffin at

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