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Belinda's Story

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

In June 2017, Belinda's husband passed away tragically, leaving her to raise 4 children on her own. In her words, she shares about the feeling of not knowing how her life or the lives of her children would be sustained without the support of her husband.

What a blessing to hear Belinda proclaim the truth we stand on every day at MCCH- God provides! Listen to Belinda share her praise to the Lord for providing for her family through MCCH's guardianship program and how the Lord has been working in her life to provide opportunities for her to have a new home and continued education. All glory to God for His provision for Belinda and her children!

**Update** We originally shared Belinda's story in June 2020. The U.S. MCCH team received the following message from Belinda in September 2020 and wanted to pass it along to all our partners as a means of praise to God for His work in Belinda's family and encouragement in the work that is taking place through the ministry of MCCH!

"[I] am grateful, ma'am, and I want to say 'thank you' for having been there for me and

my family at large; bringing hope into our lives and making us feel loved always...God

shall always bless every step in our life together with my sponsors at large. May

God see the Mescal's family through. Thank you!" - Belinda, September 2020

"My name is Belinda Asaso, and in 2017, June, I lost my husband, leaving me with 4 kids. By then, I was stranded with the kids, and I wondered how my life would proceed without my husband. But I want to thank God because of the Mescal's family they came in right on time and saved my situation. The kids are now being paid for their school fees. They are learning well. And also, they are feeding and they can also dress well. I want to thank God also, because, after the death of my husband I wanted to go back to school, but I wondered how could I achieve this dream? And because of Madam Ruth and the support that she has always been referring to me, I could manage to go back to school, and I enrolled last year to secondary school and joined back to Form 2. This year I am now in Form 3. And because of the support also I want to thank God because last year, November, I managed to construct a new house and as a family now we are thanking God and enjoying living in our new house. [Because] The one my husband died while I was in was very small, and because of the big family we were never well accommodated in that house. But I want to thank God because now we have enough space for us, we can study, and the kids are happily living in that home that their father left them in. I want to thank God so much for this movement and for this far that the Lord has bring us with my family, and always as a family we now have hope, and we are always grateful in the Lord, very much willing and we have strength to move on. I want to thank the Mescal's family with Madam Ruth and my sponsors. I pray that God give you life and bless you abundantly. Thank you so much!

For more information on how to donate to MCCH or sponsor other families like Belinda's, please visit or contact Emily Griffin at

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