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Proposed New Christian School

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

At a recent visit to MCCH, team members’ hearts were burdened for the economically and academically vulnerable children in the community surrounding our beautiful facility. Ruth Owuor and her son, Steven, also were seeking God as to how to reach out to these children. Now the community children come into the MCCH compound each Sunday afternoon to hear Bible Stories, sing, and play with Mescal’s Kids. There also are major concerns about the primary school that Mescal’s Kids and the community children attend, some of which are:

* They are required to attend school 10-12 hours a day

* There are 80-90 children in each classroom

* Many of their teachers are Muslims or of no faith at all

The MCCH Board of Directors in Kenya feels very strongly that the best way to impact both Mescal’s Kids and these children’s lives and the community long term would be to provide a Christian Primary School for them. The USA MCCH Board of Directors has voted to move forward with plans for a school.

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