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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Daniel Olupeya, 12 years old, came to MCCH in 2014, under very difficult circumstances. He had been hospitalized for three weeks after being severely beaten by his father. The Kenyan welfare department placed him at MCCH at that time.

Under the loving care of Ruth and her wonderful staff, Daniel has flourished and grown. Daniel works very hard in school and is doing well in his studies. He has the gift of rhythm, too, and loves to play the drums when the children are singing (as seen here drumming on the water container).

Also, Daniel really excels in having a broad knowledge of many things mechanically. When there is a problem with mechanical issues or something needing repair at MCCH, Daniel is the one who is always called on and usually can fix the problem. He has stepped up as the spiritual leader for the younger boys and is an excellent role model for them.

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