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Ruth in Kima

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Shortly after arriving in Kima, Ruth and her husband, Kenneth renewed their wedding vows.

Ruth is adjusting to life back in Kenya. She is getting used to driving on the left side of the road again, and asking God to forgive her for "lusting" after a washing machine she spied at the market recently!

She is enjoying her family and the children at MCCH immensely. She reports her greatest joy is hearing Mescal's Kids read the Bible, sing, and pray at their nightly devotions. After telling the children about all the support and prayers given to them by her Bible Study group in America, Ruth heard them crying out to God one night, asking Him to bless their "mothers in America."

Through the generosity of the sponsors now supporting MCCH, in addition to providing for the most basic of needs for the children, Ruth was able to purchase material and sewed some new school uniforms for the youngest children there.

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