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Ruth Arrives in Kenya

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

What a joyous reunion indeed it was when Ruth arrived at the Nairobi airport! 15 long years since she had set foot in Kenya! She was greeted warmly by family, friends, and especially three grandchildren, that she knew intimately through long and frequent intercontinental phone conversations, yet whom she had never met.

Also, on the following Sunday Ruth was honored at her church with a wonderful celebration (although she did not like all the fuss made over her)!

Ruth reports that her return to her homeland, family, and Mescal's kids, has far exceeded her expectations.

She is most joyous and grateful to God for allowing her dream to be realized.

Look for upcoming posts about Ruth's getting to know Mescal's Kids . . . . an AMAZING group of children, I might say!

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