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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We are so excited to welcome Jeff Bush to a more official role at Mescal's. He has been involved with MCCH for several years as a board member and with his wife, Anna, have served on mission teams to Mescal's. They spent one summer there as short term missionaries and are most loved and esteemed by our Kenyan staff. He has also traveled to over ten countries on mission trips, so his heart is for the world to know Jesus!

Jeff will be serving Mescal's on special projects involving videography and computer programming. He has a Master of Business Administration degree and has served on staff in churches as a worship leader and in other capacities. He is currently the owner of Jeff Bush Videography and has done amazing videos for the ministry that have greatly helped us to tell the Mescal story. Also, he will stepping into the most important role as Vice-President of the Board of Directors.

Jeff is a most gifted young man with a contagious passion and energy for the Lord and Mescal's. Anna, too, is passionate about Mescal's and they are a great team. Anna is a Pharmacist and they live in Thomasville, Georgia. Welcome, Jeff and Anna!

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