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Walking Hand in Hand: Brooke's Story

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Ever since its founding, the Lord has drawn partners to MCCH, both in Kenya and the United States, who desire to use their gifts and talents to glorify the Lord by serving vulnerable children and families. One such partner is Brooke Glassford, MCCH Board member, and photographer in the Montgomery area. We caught up with Brooke this week as she shared part of her story detailing how the Lord has grown her faith and leveraged her skills for His glory through her partnership with MCCH.

Tell us a little about yourself!

I was born and raised in Pike Road-- a currently growing town on the outskirts of Montgomery, Alabama. I headed off to Auburn for college where I received a degree in public relations with no intentions of becoming a professional photographer. During college, two of my best friends got engaged and asked me to take their engagement photos-- and things took off from there. Almost a year and a half later, I came onboard with a photography studio in Montgomery and have been on their team since 2011! I specialize in weddings, but also capture newborns and families. I have always believed that the Lord has given me a skill in photography as I never took photography courses. He truly deserves all the credit for my career. It's always a special privilege to use that skill to capture our Mescal's kiddos who LOVE to be in front of the camera!

What drew you to MCCH initially? How long have you been working with the ministry?

A good friend at my church, Strong Tower at Washington Park, told me about Mescal's back in 2014. She felt strongly that I would love it, so she introduced me to Charlotte! I was hooked from that first meeting with her hearing all the ways the Lord has been faithful and miraculous in His ministry of Mescal's. Personally, getting a front row seat to seeing the Lord's provision and love through Mescal's has been a huge faith builder for me.

Images courtesy of Brooke Glassford, Colorbox Photography

Tell us about your time with MCCH, particularly your longer trip to Kenya last summer. What did the Lord teach you through your time with the Mescal's family in Kenya?

I have visited Mescal's twice. My first trip was in November 2018. The amazingness moved me to go back not even a whole year later in summer of 2019 to stay for two and a half weeks! Living in Kenya for 2 and a half weeks was awesome-- I didn't want to leave when my time was up!

One of the biggest impacts on me was getting to know the Kenyan staff. From morning to devotions to living every day life together, it was encouraging to see glimpses of their lives and hearts who genuinely love and serve the Lord. Whether they have the important roles of growing food, helping clean the facility or advocating for the children-- I saw every staff member work wholeheartedly as working for the Lord (Col. 3:23).

The Lord used this as a reminder to me to keep my eyes and heart on Him in everything I do back in America. He also reminded me of His incomprehensible sovereignty and power. Living in a different culture reminded me how creative and powerful He is to be in control of every detail while being on the complete opposite side of the world than what I was used to. He sees and cares for every person I saw-- every situation, every heartbreak, every joy. It was simply a reminder of how big our world is-- and how much bigger our God is. What a privilege He allows us to be on His team while he continues His work on this side of heaven!

What is one memory from your time in Kenya that stands out to you in a special way?

So far, my most memorable moment from Kenya was during my first trip in 2018. I was walking with a Mescal's girl, Dolphine, to church. As we were on the road, a very small girl came up to us speaking in their native language I did not understand. Dolphine briefly communicated with her, and we kept walking with the group to church. Dolphine explained that was one of the little girls she sees often who Dolphine knew didn't have any food. I told Dolphine when we got back that I would tell Ruth about the little girl. A minute or two later, as Dolphine and I walked hand in hand in silence, I looked down to see her wiping tears from her face. To see the compassion and concern from a young girl who has also experienced incredibly hard circumstances was truly sacred, and a moment I will never forget.

I did tell Ruth about the little girl, and she thought it may be one of the community children that our Mescal's kids share their snacks with. Honestly, I knew there was an overwhelming amount of need in that community, and I wasn't quite sure anything could be done to help her-- but God! A couple of months later, I will never forget Charlotte telling me that Ruth followed up with the little girl. Come to find out, that little girl also had a little sister, and both girls were in poor care and neglect. Both of the sisters are now thriving at Mescal's! PRAISE THE LORD!

Brooke and Dolphine

How has your work with MCCH impacted ministry in your every day life?

MCCH serves as a huge reminder to me to pray about all things. As followers of Christ, the time He gives us is a gift to be used for His glory. This can look different in many ways. In all of the different directions we can pulled and distractions we have, especially here in America, MCCH lives out the example to me to ask and seek the Lord in every endeavor. MCCH has proved to me that doing all things according to Lord and His ways through prayer and His Word brings true glory to His name and good for His people.

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