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Welcomes, Graduates, and Celebrations!

This year's partner trip to Kenya held countless beautiful moments involving time spent with Mescal's Kids and staff celebrating graduates from kindergarten to college! Four team members from the USA arrived at Mescal's Children's Center of Hope on March 30th, 2022, and were greeted with a warm Kenyan welcome.

After many hugs, a tour of the school, and a couple of good nights' sleep, the team was blessed to participate in a highly anticipated event - the first Mescal's Christian Academy (MCA) Kindergarten graduation! The Kenya team did an extraordinary job planning the event that welcomed over 250 members of the community onto MCCH's campus to celebrate God's work at MCA throughout the school year. Students from every grade presented poems, songs, skits, and dances for all in attendance. Local community leaders, including the area chief, a representative from the regional education department, and members of MCA's Board of Directors, were in attendance. MCA teachers and administrators were recognized and honored. However, the most important part of the day was the gospel being presented clearly and God repeatedly receiving the glory for everything that has taken place in and through MCA its first year of operation. Words can't describe the privilege it was for the USA team to be present for this amazing celebration!

The following day, the Kenya staff prepared to celebrate another graduate who holds a special place in the Mescal's family. Noreen Kuya was one of the first children supported by MCCH Founder and Executive Director, Ruth Owuor, over a decade ago (read more about that here). Now a college graduate holding a degree in International Relations, the MCCH family made time to honor Noreen for her hard work and determination in completing her undergraduate degree. Noreen led the way in praising the Lord for His presence and provision in her life through every step of her journey, which has been highly challenging at times. We're so proud of Noreen and thankful for the role the Lord has allowed MCCH to play in her development as a "strong, Christian citizen of Kenya and the world," as declared in the vision statement of MCCH.

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