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In Review: July 2023 Mission Trip

We're so thankful for the wonderful mission trip our Kenya and USA teams were able to share in Luanda during the week of July 11-19, 2023. The USA team arrived to a warm greeting from the Mescal's family, including staff and children from the children's home and Mescal's Christian Academy.

The day following the USA team's arrival, we were able to host the long-awaited medical clinic for the Luanda community! Over a year ago, MCCH Executive Director, Ruth Owuor, identified healthcare needs among community members, including many people struggling with undiagnosed diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor eyesight. With several Kenyan medical professionals on the ground for the clinic, including clinic team lead, Dr. Fred Wekesa, the medical professionals on the USA team quickly began working in partnership with the local leaders to conduct blood pressure, blood sugar, and vision screenings.

Over 150 people received services, and most importantly, prayer and access to the gospel! After the medical clinic took place, the USA team was able to spend time with the children who live in the children's home (Mescal's Kids) and take part in their evening time of devotion. Additionally, the team was able to visit the home of one of MCCH's guardianship program families and spend time learning about daily life in Luanda, as well as praying with and mutually encouraging our brothers and sisters in Luanda. The USA team was able to worship at a local church on Sunday, and spend time with Mescal's Christian Academy students and teachers on Monday before departing Kenya on Tuesday. It was a quick trip that contained a few unique challenges, such as changed flights, political unrest, sickness, and more. However, at each turn, the Mescal's family saw God's faithfulness on display in ways that can only be experienced in times of hardship. The USA and Kenyan team members were given the grace to maintain joyful and positive outlooks, and spending time with Mescal's Kids will make any trials, small or large, beyond worth it! We give God all the glory, great things He has done (and is doing) through MCCH globally. Interested in being part of a future mission team? Contact MCCH Program Director, Emily Naler (, for more information!

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