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MCCH Spring Mission Trip

We're so thankful for the opportunity four mission team members will have to travel to MCCH in Kenya at the end of this month! March 28 - April 8, 2022, will be an exciting time for the entire Mescal's family as partners from the USA travel to spend time with the MCCH Kenya team and Mescal's Kids in Luanda, Kenya.

Team members for this trip (left to right) include Debbie Whatley and Pastor Ben Curlee representing Lineville Baptist Church in Lineville, Alabama, along with Charlotte Robertson (MCCH USA Board President) and Emily Griffin (MCCH Program Director).

The Lord has created a deep bond and partnership between the Mescal's family in the USA and Kenya over the years. This sense of shared vision to "proclaim Christ to the vulnerable children of the community, to disciple them, and to equip them to become strong Christian citizens of Kenya and the world" has been used by the Lord to bless countless lives all around the world since the ministry of MCCH began. This trip will include time spent with the team and Mescal's Kids in daily small group discipleship, the opportunity to attend the Mescal's Christian Academy (MCA) kindergarten graduation and interact with community families impacted by MCA, time with MCCH staff, and more!

We ask that you be in prayer for the team as they travel, that each moment of ministry and relationship building would honor the Lord and create lasting impact for His kingdom!

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