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Tech Blessings!

In April 2021, an MCCH partner who works in the tech industry was led by the Lord to make an ongoing contribution to MCCH, designated towards making sure Mescal's Kids and MCA students have access to technology that will help them succeed in their education! In his letter to MCCH, he shared that "[We] feel that our business is being blessed so that we can be a blessing to others." Pictured below, one of the university students supported by MCCH partners was blessed with a laptop computer that was provided through the gifts of our April partner and another friend who has been influential in this young woman's life.

MCCH Guardianship Program Coordinator, Lilian Owuor, shared what a blessing it was to this hardworking university student to receive a laptop that will allow her to study, complete assignments, and attend school virtually as needed. Lilian shared that when this student was given the computer, the other Mescal's Kids present took notice and were encouraged to keep working hard in their education in order to receive a computer when they reach the appropriate age. Thank you to our generous partner for making this gift to Mescal's Kids and MCA students. Lives and futures are being impacted through your investment in these current and future leaders!

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