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Small Groups, Big Impact

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Over the last several trips USA partner teams have made to Kenya, some of the sweetest times with Mescal's Kids have been spent in small group discipleship. Currently, there are anywhere from 10-12 primary-school-age children living at MCCH full-time, while the majority of the young people at MCCH are teenagers who spend part of the year attending boarding school or university classes. Regardless of age, many of these students desire to continually grow in their personal relationships with the Lord. They also view time spent with peers at school as an opportunity to be a witness for Christ.

Spending intentional time with Mescal's Kids in small group discipleship has spiritually grown both leaders and students! These small groups are only a tiny part of the daily discipleship that takes place at MCCH year-round. Not only do staff members model and teach Christian discipleship to all the young people at Mescal's, but older students pour into younger students and model for them what it looks like to follow Jesus both personally and publicly. The daily rhythms of time in God's Word, prayer, and the lifestyle of worship that takes place at MCCH often impacts guests from the USA more than anything else they experience in Kenya. We're always blessed by the mutual encouragement that comes from time with our brothers and sisters in Kenya!

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