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School Progress and Preparation!

While we want to save the most recent images of our completed school building to share at our "Stories of Hope" virtual event, we wanted to update our partners on the work that is being done to identify and select students who will make up the first classes of the primary school!

MCCH Assistant Director and School Board President, Steven Owuor, has led the way in making sure progress on the school building construction has continued during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Steven and Executive Director of MCCH, Ruth Owuor, have recognized the importance of using a team approach to identify students who will comprise the student body upon the school's opening. To that end, Ruth and Steven have obtained the services of a professional consultant, along with a newly hired Community Development Coordinator, who have been tasked with working with local officials to canvas and assess the community surrounding MCCH in order to locate its most vulnerable children in need of the school's services. The team will determine how big of a geographic area the school can serve, as well as which students exhibit the greatest need regarding access to education.

Please be in prayer for this team as they work in a strategic, yet Spirit-led manner to locate the children in the community who will benefit most from the education provided by the Christian primary school. The Kenyan team has shared how important it is to have a student body that 1.) represents and reflects the community well and 2.) displays the greatest need for the services the school will offer. We know this goal is attainable through the power of Christ!

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