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Kenya Trip 2021 Recap

Mescal's Christian Academy Board Meeting, July 2021, Pictured Left to Right: Emily Griffin (MCCH Program Director), Ruth Owuor (MCCH Executive Director and Founder), Jeff Bush (MCCH Vice President), Tribal Chief for the Luanda area, Bernard Kivale (MCA Head Teacher), Charlotte Robertson (MCCH President), Lilian Owuor (MCCH Guardianship Program Coordinator), Allen Semo (MCA Board Member)

In July 2021, a small mission team from the U.S. was able to visit ministry partners in Kenya for the first time since November 2019! Both MCCH teams were thrilled to see one another and have the opportunity to spend time together after one of the more challenging years in recent memory.

During the trip, team members Charlotte Robertson (MCCH President), Jeff Bush (MCCH Vice President) and Emily Griffin (MCCH Program Director) were able to spend daily time with Mescal’s Kids taking part in small group Bible study, daily devotions, recreational time, and many one-on-one conversations with staff and visiting Guardianship program members. Perhaps the most exciting event to the U.S. team was the opportunity to be present for the first official day of classes at Mescal’s Christian Academy! See below for many pictures of the amazing trip God blessed us with.

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