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Detours: Never Out of God's Reach

Thank you to all of our Bible Project partners who gave generously to send Bibles to people in the Luanda community in their heart language, in addition to sending brand new copies of God's Word to Mescal's Kids!

The Bibles we purchased for Mescal's Kids in the U.S. went on quite a journey before arriving at MCCH. The piece of luggage containing the Bibles was lost in transit and did not arrive in Kenya with our group. After many, MANY phone calls and almost a week of waiting, no one at the airline could give us a clear answer of where the bag we were missing had gone, and we were beginning to wonder if it would ever be returned to us. However, while we were calling, wondering, and sometimes worrying, the Lord knew exactly where the bag containing the Bibles had gone, and He made a way for it to be located! Truly, He was the only one who could have brought the bag to where we were in East Africa, because upon arrival, we saw luggage tags indicating the bag had traveled to Liberia, Africa (West Africa) at some point. One glance at the image below shows that Liberia (in orange) and Kenya (in green) aren't exactly in the same neighborhood!

While we didn't have a chance to be part of the distribution of the Luhya Bibles to the community (happening soon!), we had the honor of gifting Mescal's Kids with their own copies of God's Word after the bag arrived. It was such a blessing to tell the kids that brothers and sisters in the U.S. loved them and were the ones providing these Bibles. The young people at MCCH are being discipled in God's Word daily and make a practice of hiding it in their hearts as Psalm 119:11 instructs us to do. By the time we left, the Bibles were already being filled up with notes and highlights as Mescal's Kids were studying God's Word on their own. Praise the Lord for hearts that are open to receiving God's Word and hearts that are obedient to give to gospel work!

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