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Christian Education: A Gift Worth Giving

“The building of this school serves as an outreach program, and we are reaching out to the rest of the community, not just Mescal’s kids. We are reaching out to the rest of the community in ways that they can also feel that they are part of the Mescal’s family. This entire community is part of the Mescal’s family! From the point that the children’s home began we knew that the rest of the community plays a vital role in its growth because God wants us to reach out to everyone. That was the instruction of Christ – that we should reach out to the rest of the world and impact them with His gospel of good news.” Steven Owuor, MCCH Assistant Director

The big day is almost here! Mescal's Christian Academy (MCA) is set to open in July 2021, and we are grateful to the Lord for His provision in every step of the project. From the purchase of the property, to the construction phase that was able to continue throughout the pandemic, to providing strong, Godly administrators for the school, the Lord has shown us time and time again that "where He guides, He will provide."

With that saying in mind, we are excited to announce a new way to partner with Mescal's in providing the most vulnerable children in the Luanda community with a Christ-centered education. Similar to the sponsorship program in place for Mescal's Kids in the children's home, MCCH is seeking sponsors who will invest monthly gifts towards the education of an MCA student they are paired with. Sponsors will have the opportunity to communicate with their sponsor student through the exchange of letters and pictures and will be kept up to date on the impact their investments are making in the future of their sponsor student. The majority of the MCA student body is made up of the most economically vulnerable children in the surrounding community and will attend MCA thanks to the giving of partners in the USA.

While we are finalizing details before fully launching this program, would you take the time to pray about how the Lord would have you respond to this need? An education rooted and grounded in Biblical truth that focuses on the individual gifts and needs of each child is what MCA will provide to those who need it most. We're excited to see how the Lord continues to move in the days to come and would love for you to join us on the journey!

Keep an eye out for more information, and reach out to MCCH Program Director, Emily Griffin (, with additional questions or to express interest in becoming a student sponsor.

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