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Books for Mescal's Christian Academy

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Imagine an essential part of any early education experience, the chance to read quality children's books in the classroom, being difficult or nonexistent because of lack of resources. This is the story for many schools around the world, including Mescal's Christian Academy (MCA). Because of MCA's rural location, it's challenging to find quality books for the school library at an affordable cost. We've learned from MCA's teaching and administrative staff that not only is getting quality books a challenge for the school, most MCA students are unable to access books in their homes due to similar challenges of location, as well as the high cost of books.

How can you help? During our upcoming trip to MCCH at the end of this month, the USA team will be taking children's books to begin the process of building the MCA school library. By visiting our Amazon Wishlist link, partners can order books that will be sent directly to MCCH's office and added to the growing stack that will soon travel overseas. We're so grateful for our partners and for every book purchased and prayer lifted on behalf of MCA!

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