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Books and Music: Building Creative Spaces at MCA

Pictured: MCA school library

When Mescal's Christian Academy was being built, it was evident in the minds of MCCH Kenyan leadership that a library would be an integral part of the school and student learning. With a high ceiling, long tables, and plenty of shelf space, we're proud of the MCA library and all the opportunities it provides students to learn and grow in knowledge and imagination! The school continues to be blessed by the many partners in the USA who began to stock the library with books when our team traveled to MCA in the spring of 2021.

Pictured: MCA school library

MCA students have spent almost two years enjoying the books in the school library, and more than anything else, our MCCH team in Kenya has requested that we bring more books to continue filling the library shelves! For anyone who would like to partner with us on this project, we've created an Amazon wishlist with books that have been recommended to us. Along with books, we've also added some instruments for MCA's music lab, and educational games to share with each class, Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade! The staff at MCA are thrilled to be able to teach in a way that values the creative and imaginative gifts of individual students, and we're excited to continue watching the Lord shape the future leaders of Luanda, Kenya, and the world through Mescal's Christian Academy! Thank you for partnering through prayer, giving, and going to this kingdom-focused ministry! If you live local to the Montgomery, Alabama, or Clay County, Alabama area(s) and would like to contribute gently-used books for Pre-K through fifth-grade students, please email Emily Griffin at

Pictured: View of MCA's courtyard

Pictured: A primary school educator at MCA

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