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Tragedy at Mescal's

We have been blessed to always share wonderful stories of God's provision and blessings at MCCH.

But, tragedy struck on May 30. We received word from Ruth Owuor that one of our precious eight year old girls, Esther Ayuma, had died. She became very sick that morning and was taken to the hospital and died later that day. She died of pneumonia, a complication of malaria and possibly meningitis.

Esther was a vibrant, joyous child who loved to sing and often taught the other children choruses and dances. She also enjoyed being the leader for the children in quoting their Scripture verses.

Ruth said that Esther was a good student in school and always said she wanted to be a doctor, to be able to help her brother, who was disabled.

While we can rejoice in knowing that Esther is safe in the arms of Jesus, she leaves behind loving brothers and sisters who do not understand. Please pray for God's tender healing to comfort and sustain Mescal's Kids in this tremendous loss in their young lives.


December 31, 2005 - May 30, 2014

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