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Recently the three oldest children at MCCH, Samson, Sylvia, and Christine, were baptized in a public worship service. They made their commitments to Christ some time ago and have been good Christian examples for the younger children. (See their pictures below.)

Also, they recently passed very stringent high school entrance exams, which is a HUGE accomplishment for them. After the eighth grade, children cannot attend high school unless they pass these exams and if they do not, their prospects for the future are very dire.

All three passed the exam and two will be attending very good Christian high schools, and one will be attending a trade school. Samson, the oldest, who only a few short years ago was begging and digging for food in the market place, placed in the top 25% of all students in Kenya! They all have hope and propects of a bright and secure future because of Christ and MCCH!! Our God REDEEMING CHARACTER is shown daily in the lives of Mescal's Kids!

These young people will be going to boarding school this January, but will return to MCCH for holidays.

Please keep them in your prayers as they enter this new and important phase of their lives.

Samson, Sylvia, and Christine, on the occasion of their recent baptism.

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