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Van for Mescal's Kids!

Shortly after the fundraiser in Lineville, Alabama, Mescal's hometown, that completed the project, a beautiful used van was purchased for the orphanage. Mescal's Kids are now traveling with Mama Ruth to speaking engagements and sing, share Scripture, and give testimony to the faithfulness of God in their lives. At a recent sharing before a large group, Ruth noticed a man pull out his handkerchief and wipe tears (a rare site indeed for an African man). He said that their church should be convicted about other orphans in their community and their church should do something about them!

God is using Ruth and Mescal's Kids in a wonderful way to minister and inspire in their community.

The children squealed with delight at the delivery of the van and many drew pictures of it in their most recent letters to their sponsors. Many also wrote that they had prayed for a van and that God heard and answered their prayers.

Thank you, Lord, for once again, providing for the needs of these your children!

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