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We're Almost There!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Much has changed in the past few months, but the calling for MCCH has remained clear! Check out the progress on the primary school building that is nearing completion, and the message on the school's true purpose from MCCH Assistant Director, Steven Owuor:

“The building of this school serves as an outreach program, and we are reaching out to the rest of the community, not just Mescal’s kids. We are reaching out to the rest of the community in ways that they can also feel that they are part of the Mescal’s family. This entire community is part of the Mescal’s family! From the point that the children’s home began we knew that the rest of the community plays a vital role in its growth because God wants us to reach out to everyone. That was the instruction of Christ – that we should reach out to the rest of the world and impact them with His gospel of good news.” Steven Owuor, MCCH Assistant Director

In addition to the building construction, workmen began drilling for water several weeks ago, expecting to drill as deep as 55 feet before reaching a water supply. The Lord allowed them to hit water without drilling as deeply as they planned and look at the abundance He provided! This well will not only provide water for MCCH and the school when it opens, but it is already allowing MCCH to share clean water with those in the community who were relying on the river (which is now muddy from rain) for their water supply!

"But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream." Amos 5:24

Anticipation is growing as we look forward to the day when Mescal's kids and children from the Luanda community will have the opportunity to receive a Christ-centered education at the school the Lord has provided through MCCH!

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