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Letter from Kenya

Samson Mandela, 16 years old, is the oldest child at MCCH. He was found digging food out of the garbage in the market place when he was 14 years old and was brought to Mescal's.

When he came to Mescal's, he had dropped out of school and was way below grade level in his work. Ruth describes Samson as a very smart young man, who is working very hard in school. He is a godly young man, leading the other children spiritually.

Below is a recent letter he wrote to his sponsors, the Encourager's Sunday School Class at Frazer UMC. In it he says:

" . . . . I thank God because He gives us life. He gives us knowledge and wisdom . . . I thank God because He is the provider of what we ask Him. God gave me knowledge that has enabled me to do well in school. I was position one out of fifty nine pupils in my class eight this first term.

May God bless you, my parents, for great care and support you and our Mother Ruth have given us. May this verse guide you to your work and prayers at all time. Psalms 139:1-18. God bless you all."

From your loving son,

Samson Mandela


Shown here with Susan Allen, board member and mission team member

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